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Galielo will provide service based on your needs,with advance technology at reasonable price.

High-level foreign DX talent

Since 2015, we've been actively hiring international talent, conducting interviews
Galileo`s foreigners human
resource standard
  • Japanese proficiency test N2 level above
  • Programing test (equivalent to a national AI qualification)
  • Graduated from Top class university

Provide DX Technology at
reasonable price

Due to increasing demand, outsourced DX technology services are on the rise. We ensure project success by providing on-site engineers until completion, supporting you from specification building.
*By conducting trial PRG creation and pre-testing iterations, we reduce rework efforts, achieving cost reduction and improved quality in specification development.
*We will propose a customized plans tailored to each company`s condition.



Factory Automated Driving Integrated

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major automotive company
In factory DX development, integrating Galileo's programmers led to a three-man cell collaboration with our technicians, enabling agile development for improved specification quality and maintenance operations. This accelerated DX development and enhanced in-house capabilities.

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Mobility automation for factory

Bolt manufacturer

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Bolt manufacturer
Previously, we deployed a large number of workers to handle mixed types of bolts on our bolt manufacturing line. Upon requesting assistance from Galileo's programmers, the solution was completed from requirements alignment to final PRG submission within one month. They also provided maintenance guidelines and enabled high-quality recognition through the bolt recognition system, resulting in increased development speed.

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Image Recognition RPG Development

AI Learning Model Development

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major automotive company
Since it's uncertain if any defective parts will be produced each month, acquiring an AI learning model for introducing image inspection was challenging. When we conveyed the requirements to Galileo, they provided us with a top-tier model capable of simulating maximum standard defects like scratches and dents. Their high-level replication technology for simulating defective parts proved useful in accelerating the development of our image inspection equipment.

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Production of defective parts
We specialize in autonomous driving and image inspection, as well as building office AI and platforms, and equipment design.
If your company is considering DX transformation, please feel free to consult with us.
If your company is

is considering DX

transformation, please feel

free to consult with us.