Make your career goals real on the playground Galileo provides

A young Galileo engineer in his 20s had gained experience in automotive and aerospace industry, brushed up his language skills and recently made it to his desired career at the Futuristic Experimental City.
Galileo provided him the playground for career achievements, and helped him make his dream come true.

Want to fulfill your career goals?
We’ve got your back with a brimming support system

When job hunting in Japan as a foreigner there are 2 main obstacles.
Firstly, good placement information is not widely spread and shared within a certain network. Therefore, only few ones introduced have a chance to get hired. Secondly, these days Japanese companies would rather not hire unless your Japanese and working skills are equally high.
Founded in 1997, Galileo has offices in Nagoya and Tokyo. We deploy foreign engineers in their diversity, regardless of nationality and sex to numerous enterprises. Japanese companies keep actively unfolding to global market, and it is our mission to provide them with the best global professionals.

A database of good listings you won’t find yourself

Galileo makes getting to big and high-level companies easy with direct deal employment of engineers in automotive, aerospace, robotics, AI, machinery, IT&Software, electrics&electronics and R&D fields. As foreign engineers, the majority of our employees have not only professional knowledge and working experience, but also remarkable foreign language skills. We make the best use of their talents and put right people to the right places.

Feel confident and safe starting your first job in Japan
Relocation and even everyday life support

Currently there are 218 employees in our team, 40 of them are foreign people. Getting a job in Japan is hard even for the Japanese. We fully support starting a new career, as well as changing job in Japan.
Leave burdensome visa application, apartment-hunting and relocation procedures to Galileo.

Careful employee support before and after assignment

Our English-speaking manager regularly visits employees at our clients’ site. We approach everyday and working concerns, new career endeavors of our employees with thorough advice and consultation. We are always open for conversation, and use various means at your convenience (phone, email, LINE chat). We explain Japanese written procedures so difficult for newcomers and help with health issues action plan.

Compare our sustainable welfare program to other companies

  • 60% rent expense coverage, full coverage of travelling costs
  • Health insurance, Welfare annuity pension, Unemployment insurance, All types of social insurance
  • Paid vacation, Annual health check, Condolence leave, Condolence solatium, many other welfare options※ ※There are conditions for applying to some insurance services
  • Benefit Station special program

Book hotels and recreation facilities, rental cars, relaxation & beauty salons, gourmand foods, pet supplies and many more at lower price.

A perfect environment for personal growth:
improving not only your working skills,
but Japanese language skills as well

Want to learn more about your profession? Want to know CAD software? Want to brush up your Japanese? Galileo has features for improving your working skills※

※There are conditions for applying

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