Who We Are

Technology is advancing faster than ever before. This has led to a huge increase in the quality of people`s lives around the world. At Galileo, we are passionate about technology and the benefits it can bring to the world. In order to improve the lives of people everywhere, we aim to develop and advance technology worldwide through the careful matching of creative engineers and innovative companies.


What We do

Galileo is a technical staffing company that supplies engineers, translators, and IT professionals to manufacturers in the Nagoya, Osaka, and Greater Tokyo areas. We opened our doors in 1997, and now have a strong presence in most major Japanese automotive and aerospace companies and their supply chains. Our aim is to facilitate technological innovation globally by providing engineering solutions to Japanese companies and manufacturers.


Why Galileo

Due to the nature of the labor market in Japan, many job seekers find it difficult not only to find new employment, but also to adapt to their new surroundings. Changing demographics in the Japanese workforce have also made it more difficult for companies to find new employees, especially in the engineering and IT fields.
Galileo sees its role in the industry as making these transitions as straightforward and rewarding as possible. As our employees get the opportunity to learn and work alongside world-renowned Japanese companies, they are able to increase their knowledge base and skill level, as well as work with and develop advanced technologies. With Galileo managing employee support, our clients are able to give their complete focus to developing their products and business.
As a mid-sized company, we know that people are the foundation of our business; as such we maintain a close relationship with all of our employees and customers. We strive to offer the best support and engineering solutions of any staffing company in Japan.

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